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Jackpot King at Gala Casino

2017-07-12 09:37:31

The Gala Casino King Jackpot is like any other progressive jackpot, as time ticks on, the total keeps increasing. The amount of money you can claim has surpassed £1 Million so why not give winning it a go!

How do you win this wonderful jackpot though? Do you have to jump through loads of hoops and play super difficult games with the pros? Nope, not at all. All you have to do to get your hands on this fantastic exclusive jackpot is to play some fun games at Gala Casino.

These games are some of the best that the site has to offer so you may have even been playing them already anyway without even knowing what you could have won. Here’s a look at the games that put you in with a shot of winning this mega jackpot.

Top Cat

This awesome slot gets its theme from the absolutely classic and iconic Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the same name and it evokes it wonderfully to bring back a sense of nostalgia and glee for all those who watched the show. The slot’s gameplay is also hugely fun and engaging and will have you coming back time and time again so your chances at the Jackpot King are all the higher.

Worms Reloaded

Another classic IP getting a slots twist here with Worms Reloaded. This slot game has a bunch of little extra features and bonuses as well as a cool cartoonish design that makes playing it such a fun and exciting experience. Could this game win you the Jackpot King?

Super Spinner

This no-nonsense slot game has one thing in mind, big money. The five reel slot has a basic design with large symbols that make it extremely clear when you’ve won something. Each spin is a thrill and even more so when you know it increases your chances of winning big on the Jackpot King.

Slots O’ Gold

The luck of the Irish is on your side with this leprechaun-themed slot game. The beautiful and fun design of this game will have you coming back for more and the bonuses and extras that you get along the way will make it such a treat each time you do. Take a trip into Irish mythology as you win pots of gold and get closer to that oh so coveted Jackpot King as you play.

Toy Factory

A trip back to your childhood days of wonder where your toys were pure magic and imagination ruled. This five reel slot game set in a tower of building blocks is colourful and adorable so there’s no doubt you’ll enjoy it immensely. And that’s without mentioning that it puts you in the running to win that Jackpot King.

The Naked Gun

Anyone who remembers this classic Leslie Nielsen spoof will no doubt love this five reel slot game. The design is cool and comfortable with images from the movie that will make you cast your mind back to the fun times you had watching it.

Diamond Jackpots

Like Super Spinners this slot game doesn’t have a novelty theme or intellectual property license tied to it and is just plain slot fun. Also like Super Spinners, the emphasis is really put on winning here so it’s likely you’ll come away from this game feeling like a champion even if you don’t get to claim the Jackpot King.

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