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It’s #YourCall At Coral Sports Betting!

2017-09-19 14:39:00

In football, along with many other sports, the fans are one of the most important aspects of the team. They are often called the 11th man as they have such a huge impact on how the team plays and what it plays for. So it only makes sense that sports betting has finally caught up and given a huge amount of the power to you, the punter.

Coral is doing this wonderfully with their #YourCall promotion now. This scheme by the sports betting giant gives you the chance to have your say on what you want to bet on and uses one of the best modern forms of communication between companies and customers to facilitate this, Twitter.

Simply from the name and the little description given here you probably know roughly what this promotion has to offer you. And that’s just another part of the beauty of it. The system is so easy to comprehend and to use that it is all the more enticing.

But just to fill in the gaps here is a quick walkthrough of how you can participate in the movement that is the Coral #YourCall promotion and how it will improve your football betting experience tenfold.

How It Works

For the longest time one of the biggest restrictions of online football betting is that it lacked a certain amount of customisation. Of course there were always great odds and a great amount of choice when you would go to place a bet on a football match t Coral but even then they couldn’t have thought of everything.