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It's all Appening at Paddy Power!

2017-08-01 11:00:32

We in the modern world seem to love apps, there are apps for pretty much everything these days, if you want to see how much you earn during a bathroom break at work, there’s an app for that, if you want to notarize and rate all the public toilets you’ve used there’s an app for that too. Not all of them are toilet related, of course, those were just some I pulled out of my… hat to prove the point that apps have perforated our whole experience.

With that in mind, it really is no surprise that Paddy Power have gotten into the app game with such vigour and enthusiasm. They have, you see, developed a huge range of apps that perform varying tasks from the specific to the more general but the one thing that they all carry in common is that level of quality that one can safely expect from the Paddy Power team.

The following is a quick look at the apps that you can get on iOS, Android or desktop and what they have to offer you when you choose to install them.

Paddy Power Sport

Available On: iOS, Android
Sports betting is what made Paddy Power famous and this app makes that process a hell of a lot easier.

Paddy Power Games

Available On: iOS
Play games on your iPhone and iPad for real money and have a whole bunch of fun doing it. This app is fantastically designed to make playing an easy and enjoyable experience.