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It’s a digital world for Paddy Power

2017-10-09 15:16:00

Paddy Power have been taking total control of the modern business environment in recent years. In the new digital age with the advancements in technology and the internet, companies in all industries have had to adapt to the new business landscape. Paddy Power have been one of the leaders on the online sports and gaming industry, setting a fine example on how it should be done! So, what are Paddy Power up to now?

Paddy Power pushing on

Paddy Power are seeking to put a self-service terminal in all of their physical betting shops, as they look to capitalise on the digital changes in the industry. Self-service machines have been a part of the Paddy Power shops since 2009 and they have been a major success since their introduction. As more and more customers move away from the interaction with a person in a shop, the machines lead to quicker wagering times and ultimately, collecting cash faster!

Cecilia Mourain, who is head of multichannel at Paddy Power commented on the introduction of the terminals: “We’ve got more self-service terminals than any of our competitors. We keep rolling out more. We’ve got 300 shops and we’re rolling out 300 terminals, so one per shop on average.” Self-service terminals allow Paddy Power customers avoid having to make a transaction with a cashier, which can take more time.