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How to win SuperLenny’s Living Room!

2017-07-21 10:51:46

Who is exactly is SuperLenny?? Well, their site tells us this much: “SuperLenny has been around for a long time. SuperLenny is the man in the know, he is the one who gets the phone call from the agent before the superstar signs the controversial multi-million-pound transfer. Lenny was in the press box that night in the Nou Camp when Man United’s Solskjaer stunned Bayern Munich in the 93rd minute.

He was there in ’78 with a lump in his hairy throat when a young Björn Borg sank to his knees on the hallowed Wimbledon grass. You hang with SuperLenny and you will be guaranteed a ride. Access all areas, the inside scoop and an after party at the casino that’ll explain his legendary status. Once you befriend Lenny you start a partnership you sometimes want to sing about, and it’s a partnership for life.”

Must be a pretty cool guy then right? So, therefore, it must stand to reason that he would own some pretty cool stuff. And it’s true, he does. His living room is supposedly full of the coolest and most awesome gadgets and pieces of furniture around. Wouldn’t you love to be able to get some of those so you could start your journey to becoming, well… about half as cool as Lenny is because nobody can really compare on the coolness factor.