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How to sign up at StanJames

2017-08-02 13:44:45

The sign-up process for most online gaming websites is set out so that it is easy, quick and secure so that you can start playing their games and placing bets as soon as possible. StanJames is no exception to this trend. The procedure of creating an account at StanJames is incredibly simple and straight forward so you can start immediately and be a member in no time!

Here is a quick summation of how exactly one goes about signing up to StanJames via their website just in case you would like to read up on it before giving it a go yourself.

Step 1

When you are on the front page of the website you will see the offers and games that signing up will give you access once you sign up, ignore these for the moment as you’ll have all the time in the world to check them out after you register and create your account.

This first step is no doubt the easiest and is completed in one click of the mouse. All you have to know is where to make that click and that’s simple too. Simply look for the top banner of the website’s main page and it will be hard to miss. When you look up there you will see two boxes that are used to log in, pay no attention to them and look to their right. Here you will see two buttons, ‘Login’ and ‘Join Now’. The former will not let you proceed without having a correct username and the latter will start you on the road to creating your StanJames account so click on that one (the orange one).

Step 2

After you have clicked on the orange ‘Join Now’ button you will be brought to a page that will ask you to enter your personal details. These personal details are imperative in the creation of your account and are protected by the security systems of the website and your rights as a consumer so you have nothing to worry about when giving them.

First of all the page will ask for your title (Mr Mrs Ms Miss) with a drop down menu where you click on the one that applies to you. Secondly, it will ask you to type in your first name followed by your surname in the next box.

After that, you will be asked for your gender so that StanJames knows what to refer to you as. Then you are asked to fill in your date of birth from the selection of dates that they provide, this is to verify that you are of legal age for playing online games and placing bets.

The next box asks you to type in your email address so that StanJames can contact you if needs be. You are then asked to provide your physical address by selecting your country, providing your phone number and then your post code. You can use their built in service to that finds your address for you with the information you have given or you can enter the full thing manually.

Step 3

The next step involves creating your account information that will be used by you going forward when logging in and making deposits. The first of the boxes ask you to enter a unique Username that will identify you on the site. The box after that will ask you to make a password, it is important to make this something memorable and ‘ must be 8-30 characters of 2 different kinds (capitals, numbers, punctuation). Don't include your name, username or date of birth.’ You will then be asked to re-enter this password so as to mitigate the risk of you making a typo the first time. You then choose your currency from the list provided and all bets and bids will be measured in that throughout the site from then on. Another security measure that the site employs is the security question that they let you choose, this is a back way into your account should you forget your password when logging in. Then you are asked to put in any promo code you might have to avail of a promotion that they are running in extension to their own sign-up offer. As part of StanJames’ dedication to responsible gambling, they allow you to set a limit on the amount of money that you are able to deposit at a time when you sign up. To do so simply select whether you would like a daily, weekly or monthly limit and then put in the value you would like to have as your upper limit. You’re then asked to click a box that verifies you are over 18 and have read the Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions. Then all you have to do is complete a quick captcha and click on the big button that says ‘Create my account’! That’s it, after that you’re all signed up and can get cracking with making deposits and winning big of great games and sports bets!

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