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How to Sign Up at mFortune

2017-08-09 09:44:22

In order to do pretty much anything at mFortune, deposit, play games, withdraw winnings etc you must first create an account with them. This account will let them know who you are so that they can accurately track what you have won and what you have put into the site. The account is also useful if you have some sort of issue while on the site as the support team will be able to deal with a member directly and quickly through the support system.

All in all an mFortune account is a must have so if you’re a little shaky on just how to go about getting one or you’d just like to see for yourself how straightforward the process is before you head on over there to do it for yourself then simply read on through this quick and easy guide on the registration process at mFortune.

Step 1

This is by far the easiest step as all it requires you to do is find a single button on the website’s homepage. So, of course, the very first thing you need to do is make your way to the mFortune site. You will notice, if it's your first time to the site, just how well the whole thing is designed, with its vibrant colours and animated background you can tell very easily that there has been a lot of care and time put into this page.

It is this design prowess that makes finding the registration button an absolute breeze. All you have to do is look up to the top of the page to the black banner with the mFortune logo in it and look to the right of that logo to find two buttons waiting to be clicked. The first of these is the button you’re looking for that says ‘Register’ so click on that to advance.

Step 2

When you click this a box will pop up on your screen. This box will ask you what country you are from, so select that from the drop-down list that it provides you. After this you will be asked to provide your mobile phone number to them, you must do this for verification reasons so type that into the field provided. You’ll then need to put it in again in the box directly underneath to confirm that you made no typographical error.

You then select your gender by ticking the box next to the one that applies to you. After that, you click on the box that says that you have read and agreed to the mFortune Terms and Conditions.

Click on the captcha to confirm that you are in fact human and then press the ‘Next’ button to be brought to the next part of the process.

Step 3

At this next step, you will be first of all asked to create a username for yourself. This can be anything within reason so feel free to use it as a chance to express yourself in some way and put your mark on your account.

You will then be required to enter your email address so that you can recover your password or get into contact with the mFortune support team if needs be.

After that, you will have to create your account password. It must be a minimum of 5 characters and contain letters and numbers, also try to make it something that is very memorable to you but that won’t be too easy for someone who knows you to guess. You will then have to enter it again to confirm it to the site.

Step 4

Next, comes your personal details. You will have to put in your First Name, then your Surname, then select your date of birth, after that you will have to put in your post code and your building number.

If they can’t verify your address from that you will have to put it in manually by filling in the boxes provided.

Then click on ‘Finish and Register’ to go to the final stages of the process.

Step 5

A slightly different box will pop up telling you to “Check your phone” as they will have sent you a verification message with a code to insert into the box provided. When you get this code type it in and click ‘Activate’.

Hey Presto, you will from then on be a member of mFortune, congratulations!

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