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How to register at Comeon! Casino

2017-07-11 08:36:47

Step 1

The main page of the Comeon! website is one that is extremely well designed and nice to look at. Because of this, it is incredibly easy to navigate your way around the page and find the options that you need to start on your sign up process.
When you’ve made your way to the Comeon! front page you will need to locate the sign-up button, to do this simply look towards the top of the page and it will be almost impossible to miss. Just underneath the Comeon! logo you will see two buttons. The one on the left is black and says ‘login’ you don’t need to worry about that now but it’s not a bad idea to keep in mind where that is for the next time you need to login on the site. What you’re looking for is the button right beside it, the big green and obvious one that says ‘Not a member yet? Sign Up today!’

Give that big green button a click and you will be brought to the next step in the procedure.