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How Floyd Mayweather ended up in Paddy Power pants

2017-09-07 09:28:23

Paddy Power are known for their outrageous publicity stunts and they were never going to let the summer’s biggest sporting event, Mayweather vs McGregor, pass without comment. The day before the fight, at the weigh in, with the world watching the boxing legend stepped up on scales to reveal a pair of Paddy Power Lucky Pants. The lucky pants have a rich history at Paddy Power with previous owners including the Danish footballer Nicklas Bendtner and boxer Dereck “Del Boy” Chisora. The Irish bookmakers have since explained the unusual chain of events that resulted in the boxing icon sporting the emerald briefs.

From Dublin to Las Vegas

Over at Paddy Power, News Head of Major Brand Activations at Paddy Power Paul Mallon has explained how the Mayweather deal came together, a story that encompasses nightclubs, yoga, late nights and the world’s most famous boxer. “We took two trunk-loads of custom-made Paddy Power Lucky Pants from Dublin to Vegas to present to Floyd Mayweather – with ‘Always Bet on Black’ worked into the branding at the request of his crew.” Mayweather proved to be difficult but after two days and a number of false starts, they finally landed their man. “We were supposed to meet Monday, but he went to yoga instead, which is fair enough. So, we eventually met at his Las Vegas gentleman’s club, Girl Collection, at 2am on Tuesday,” said Mallon. After being ushered into a backroom by the boxer’s bodyguards the Paddy Power team presented Mayweather with the Lucky Pants, “He doesn’t do handshakes, but he gave a good double fist pump as a seal of approval.”