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How BetVictor make the most of their Partnership with Liverpool FC

2017-09-29 14:20:22

Partnerships between football teams and betting operators are nothing new. Most teams in the top tier of English football now have some association with a betting firm, either as a shirt or official sponsor or as an official betting partner. The benefits to companies involved are seemingly obvious; exposure to a huge audience and a loyal fanbase are the most glaring. Speaking at the Soccerex Global Convention in Manchester, BetVictor’s Head of Brand, Shane Stafford, revealed how his company makes the most out of their partnership with Liverpool FC.

Utilizing Your Assets

In July 2016 Liverpool FC brokered an agreement with UK gambling company BetVictor for them to become one the club’s principal partners in a 3-year deal. Speaking at a sponsorship panel at the Soccerex Global Convention this September Shane Stafford outlined how BetVictor has a clear “strategy” when it comes to maximizing the company’s returns from a sporting partnership. He described how the key to this strategy is “utilizing the assets” that the sporting team bring to the company in the right way. In their partnership with Liverpool FC, these “assets” are their superstar players and access to them is essential. “With our partnership with Liverpool FC, we have an allotment of access to players and managers. It’s all good negotiating a partnership, but you need to know what you’re going to do with that allotment throughout the season” explained Stafford.

Regular visitors to the BetVictor site and Liverpool fans will have already seen how the company have utilized their access to Liverpool’s top players and well-known manager. BetVictor regularly tweet promotional material starring Liverpool stars such as Brazilian playmaker Roberto Firmino and captain Jordan Henderson, and of course, they’re always wearing a BetVictor emblazoned training kit or tracksuit. Liverpool’s manager Jurgen Klopp has also been roped into doing his bit, appearing in promotional videos for the site’s new Golden Goal football betting promotion. The Liverpool FC logo also features prominently on the BetVictor site, standing proudly beside the bold and capitalized words, “Principal Partner”.

Tapping into a Fanbase

Stafford was also keen to explain how the company has tapped into Liverpool’s loyal fan base to boost visitor numbers to their site. “We’ll try and cross-pollinate into our other biggest events, our horse racing, so in March and April, we’ll try and use footballers and bring them in and bring their customer base in as well,” he said. He went on to state that it was BetVictor’s top priority to “piggyback onto that fan loyalty and as a brand communicate that we [BetVictor] share the same values as the club”. Again, regular BetVictor users will have already seen this on the site with promotions and games designed to entice Liverpool and football fans in general to the site. The most obvious example of this is the Liverpool themed LFC Stars slot which was launched on the site earlier this year. The slot by the team at Realistic Games features many of the team’s top players including Henderson, Lallana and Firmino.

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