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Holy Jackpots Batman! - Six New Classic Batman Jackpot Slots At Betfair!

2017-10-20 13:25:00

Biff, Bwap, Bow and Thwap, if like me you loved watching those nonsense words pop up on screen when the late Adam West wore the cape and cowl and dealt out vigilante justice to the fantastical and zany criminals of Gotham City then you’ll absolutely adore these six new slot games available at Betfair now.

These games are all Jackpot slots which means that you could be lucky enough and see yourself well on the way to building your very own Batcave under your brand-new manor house.

To The BetCave Robin!

By far the most exciting thing about Batman’s presence in the Betfair slot games library is the sheer fact that there are a total of SIX awesome new Batman games for you to choose from. So pull back the William Shakespeare bust, reveal the secret fireman poles and slide down into the world of BetFair’s batman slots.

Batman & the Riddler Riches

The first of the Batman games on the Betfair site is the all to do with Edward Nigma himself, the Riddler. This game is beautifully designed and keeps to the campy 60’s Batman vibe that we all know and love very well.

The game has 5 reels and 243 ways to win as well as some awesome bonus features such as the bonus wheel. As well as that there is every present possibility of infinite free spins if you just so happen to be that lucky. And of course there is the ever-growing jackpot that is just waiting to be won by anyone, so that anyone might as well be you.

Batman & Mr Freeze Fortune

The second Batman game is about the relatively sympathetic evil genius known as Mr. Freeze. Even though this game is in the same series as the rest of them it makes sure to have its own unique design and vision as they all do. This game, in particular, has done away with traditional win lines in favour of a central prize vault. In the centre of the interface, you'll find a locked section around which the reels spin.

It also has 5 reels to it but in extension to that it has a whopping 1,024 ways to win too, so you’ll definitely be in with a pretty good chance of winning some prize money when you play.