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Growth is the future for Bet365

2017-06-29 12:08:28

The business park is located in Stoke, Staffordshire in the United Kingdom. This ambitious project outlines Bet365’s ambition to be the top dog in the bookies game.

Ahead of the Game

Bet365 have been performing outstandingly in the market in the last few years and this impressive performance the UK gambling giant shows no sign at all of slowing down to give their competitors a chance of some glory. Bet365 have just received planning permission from Stoke City Council to redevelop the area, with the new and modern facility set to open next spring. Property developer St Modwen has won the elusive contract to develop and design Bet365’s exciting Etruria Valley project.

Good, old-fashioned elbow grease

Bet365 management knows that one of the key elements to their recent phenomenal business success is due to their hard-working staff. Bet365 bosses want their loyal and hard-working staff to be able to work in an environment which feels modern and comfortable which will allow their staff to work more productively. This project will ensure that Bet365 continue to be the best in the industry. Bet365 property director stated: “We realise the importance of health and wellness in the workplace and encourage colleagues to enjoy the new facilities once completed.”

Employee Heaven

Bet365 has set their sights very high with this new workplace environment plan as the Etruria Valley premises will feature two five a side football pitches, a multi-purpose gym area, games section, changing rooms, training facilities, offices and an on-site staff parking area. This impressive plan will surely result in Bet365 staff managing to make in early in the morning for work without any fuss.

Recruitment Drive

Bet365 have been very busy recently in their investments and developments. Last month Bet365 stated that they were seeking a further 100 new tech employees for their Manchester Spring Gardens development hub. The Bet365 investment for 2017 doesn’t stop there either, with Bet365 planning to add another whopping 300 jobs this year alone at their headquarters in Stoke.

These plans aren’t a gamble for Bet365 as the company has been booming over the last decade and Bet365 management can be very proud of their business model and the strategies that they have implemented over the last ten years. Bet365’s business strategies have seen them leapfrog the other leading UK bookmakers into one of the market leaders and has left Bet365 as the main envy in the industry. This ambitious project shows that Bet365 have the confidence that they will continue to grow and giving their competitors major headaches into how that can try to combat Bet365’s incredible performance.

Along with a fancy workplace environment for their staff in the near future and other business developments, Bet365 continue to offer some of the best odds in the market so check out Bet365’s site now!

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