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Greatness Awaits With The Genting App!

2017-12-11 15:00:00

The one thing that has to be said about the online gaming world is that it is incredibly fast at evolving. Most recently there has been an almost breakneck turn towards mobile gaming as the preferred platform for so many gamers that the market simply had to keep up with. The way they did this was simple, they started first of all making their sites more mobile friendly (which Genting have done excellently) and they started to develop and release apps for their platforms (Genting have also done this well)

Apps are great for the player and platform alike, they provide distraction free play through a dedicated programme that is super easy to use and extremely convenient to have. Think about it, on a long bus journey are you more likely to pull out your phone or your laptop for some light entertainment to pass the time? For most the speed and the accessibility of the phone makes it their first choice which is really something that online gaming companies have been trying to capitalise on for a while now.

How To Get The App

The Genting app is now available for iPhone and iPad, it is not available for android as of yet but since they have loosened their restrictions one would expect there to be a Genting app coming to the play store soon.

Anyway, as for getting the Genting iPhone App, all you have to do is go to the app store and search for Genting there. Or alternatively you can head over to the Genting site itself and click on the link provided there and it’ll bring you directly to the app store and in particular the page that the Genting app is on and you will be able to download it directly from there!