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Great Odds On Transfer Specials At Sky Bet

2017-09-01 11:32:00

SkyBet loves football, and so there’s no surprise that they are paying such close attention to these closing weeks of the transfer window. Tensions in clubs are high, fans worry if their star will abandon them for pastures new and clubs hope for new blood to help them towards glory. Regardless of how the transfer window ends up there will, as always, be boatloads of money to be made out of it.

Most of this money is of course made by the clubs themselves, especially those who have managed to take a young lad through their youth system and turn a massive profit off his sale or loan. But there is also a lot of money to be made by the average punter if they are able to keep their eyes open and their ear to the ground in regards to transfer news and speculation.

You could be one of the lucky, or just well informed, punters who makes a sweet buck off of the transfer window drama if you head on over to SkyBet and place a bet in their transfer specials betting market. Here you are able to bet on certain players and their chances of going to a certain club. If, by the 3rd of September the deal has been done and your wagered on player is going to your wagered on club then you will be the lucky winner of your stake plus whatever the odds at the time of you placing the bet were.

For example, at time of writing the odds for Danny Rose to leave Tottenham and go to Manchester United (as has been rumoured for some time) are 4/1 meaning that a £10 bet could yield you a £50 win if the contract is signed before the date of the 3rd September. And just staying on the Danny Rose case, as well as letting you bet on a couple of other clubs in the mix SkyBet will also let you bet on Rose staying at Tottenham Hotspur instead of going anywhere, let alone Manchester. The current odds for this are 2/7 so the same £10 bet could yield you £12.86 if he decides to stay at White Hart Lane.

What is also interesting to note is that though there if there is no permanent transfer and the player goes out on loan to a certain club then you will still win your bet for correctly predicting that the player would sign for that club in some respect. Also in the case of Zlatan Ibrahimović about whom there have been rumours of retiring if those rumours do prove to be true then any bets placed will automatically be marked as void.

The transfer market is an incredibly interesting time for all football fans and so what SkyBet are doing here is making things just that little bit more interesting by providing you with something to bet on and have some stake in. Whether the player you bet on going somewhere goes there or goes somewhere else or even just stays put the tension of the window and the thrill of the rumour mills makes it all worth-while.

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