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Go Loco for this Coconut Knockout Promotion at JackpotJoy

2017-09-07 09:20:41

Who doesn’t love a bit of cash back now and then, eh? Getting money put right you’re your JackpotJoy account is a perfectly wonderful prize for one of their fantastic knockouts of promotions. This particular promotion even tells you how much of a knockout it is in its very name. The name of this promotion is, of course, The Coconut Knockout Promotion and it takes place over at JackpotJoy from Monday the 4th September to Thursday the 7th September so make sure you get over there fast!

This promotion is an excellent example of JackpotJoy's great value and great execution with their patented fun and happy go lucky way of doing things, the promotion is not only great for your wallet but it is also great fun to take part in too and that is the perfect way for these promotions to really take a hold over at JackpotJoy.

If you’re curious about how this promotion works and how you can get yourself up to 20% cashback on your favourite JackpotJoy game then simply read on and all will be revealed.

How To Take Part

Like the vast majority of the promotions over at JackpotJoy, your journey to the prize pot starts on the Promotions page of the site. This is where you can view all the currently running promotions on the website and the ones that are coming up soon. Here is also where you can opt into the promotions which are exactly what you must do as your first step in the Coconut Knockout Promotion.

When you have done this you will be able to select what game you would like the promotion to be enabled on. Choose your very favourite one there as you will be playing a lot of it over the promotional period. However, it is not a bad time to choose one that you are less familiar with as the reduced risk involved in this promotion means that you will be able to try out a game that you might not be as sure about without worrying about spending too much money on it.

Once you’ve selected your game the fun will begin. Tiki, the loveable little mascot from one of the best JackpotJoy games on the site, will appear on the screen and proceed to throw a rock at a coconut in front of him. When the coconut is struck it will reveal a % of Cashback you will receive at the end of the promotional period.

You can then start playing the game that you have chosen and from that point on all that you lose during the promotional period will be counted up at the end of it and you will be given the same percentage that was contained in the coconut back as cash! This percentage goes up to 20% so you could see yourself getting a rather sizeable chunk of everything that you lost out on during the promotional period. All of this money is money that you would never have expected to get back had it been lost outside of the promotion and for that reason, the Coconut Knockout Promotion is great value!

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