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Get your Genting Zero Insurance

2017-07-24 14:16:26

It sucks to lose sometimes, when you’ve put down your bet and the wheel starts spinning, you cross your fingers and hope to whatever deity you think might help that the ball lands on that number you bet that it would. But then sometimes, just sometimes it lands on something completely different and you’re out of luck. It is even worse, at least emotionally when it lands in zero, that feeling of being so close but so far to recouping your wager and a bit more.

At Genting, however, you don’t need to worry about that sort of thing anymore with the ‘Zero Insurance’ when playing Live Roulette. If your ball just so happens to land in zero then for once you won’t go away empty handed! Zero Insurance will kick in and you will get £$€10 of your stake back no questions asked. All you have to do is log in the next day and there will be a live roulette bonus of the same value that your insurance came out from the night before.

How To Get Zero Insurance

Getting your hands on Zero insurance is easy but you must note that the offer is only available from 6-11PM on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. One would imagine that Sunday evening especially would be a prime time to get some roulette games played so why not head over to the Genting Live Casino online and get a few games in because you know you will be covered by this insurance if you do.

The Genting Live Roulette Zero Insurance will only kick in after you have deposited at least £$€20 as they need to make sure that you will be sticking around to play their great games before they can provide you with such an offer. Once you’ve made your deposit you can then place any normal bet on the Live Roulette game and qualify for the Zero Insurance. If the ball lands on zero you will get a maximum of £$€10 back on your wager which will surely soften the blow substantially.

The bet you place must also be a straight up number bet for you to qualify for the ‘Zero Insurance’ offer as it protects against the likelihood that you will get a number zero on your spin and not that you will get a different colour than you wagered for.

So that’s about it, make sure you head over to Genting and play their Live Roulette game before the 16th of July to get your slice of this wonderful offer as well as an overall great gaming experience that only Genting can offer.

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