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Get to JackpotJoy Faster with Quick Start!

2017-09-14 14:35:51

What’s better than playing all of your favourite JackpotJoy games in one place? Getting to play them all even faster than you normally could of course! Did you know that at JackpotJoy you can cut down on all the web browsing and URL-typing and get to your favourite online gaming service even faster than you ever thought? That’s right, you can be there playing the best games JackpotJoy have to offer before anyone else even loads up their browser.

You might be asking how, and that’s a fair question since not everyone who is a user of online gaming sites is fully aware of the existence of such a loophole but rest assured that it is not something that takes any real effort or time to set up and it will pay off hugely in the future.

What I’m referring to of course is the JackpotJoy desktop app that allows you to completely circumvent the process of finding the actual website online and lets you launch the platform right from your computer’s homepage. And what’s best about the whole thing is that it is absolutely free of charge! You don’t have to pay a single penny for a faster and more convenient service which is absolutely great news!

Here is how you can get the JackpotJoy Quick Start Desktop App just in case you are a little unsure of it.

Getting the Quick Start App

First of all, in order to get the Quick Start Desktop App, you will need to locate the place that will let you download it on the JackpotJoy website. Thanks to the nice and straightforward design of the site this is very much a doddle and shouldn’t take you much time at all.

On the homepage of the site, you will see a list of links to different parts of the site over at the left-hand side of said page. This is where you will need to start so click on ‘Getting Started’. This will open a page that has even more links to useful things and it is worth checking it out even if you are a seasoned JackpotJoy player. From here you will need to find the dedicated page for the app. To do this you will have to scroll down to the third picture on the page that says ‘Add JackpotJoy to your desktop’ and click on the button that says ‘More info’.

This will bring you to the page detailing what you have to do to get the programme using these simple steps:
1) Click Download Now to start the download. In the bottom left corner of the screen, you will be asked whether you want to keep or discard the file. Click Keep and then double click on 'desktopIcon.exe'.
2) You will then be asked if you want to run this file, you should click Run and the Quick Start icon will be installed.
3) The installation will be completed and then you will be able to play all of the best games that JackpotJoy has to offer.

This is a great little thing to have on your desktop if you are a regular visitor to JackpotJoy as it makes things just that little bit faster and more convenient and brings you that bit closer to all of the awesome JackpotJoy action.

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