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Get on StanJames' latest app

2017-07-31 09:36:29

StanJames is a casino operator that is part of the Kindred Group. The group owns several big brands, including UniBet. Not only does the sheer size of the group's operations reflect positively on the company's revenue figures, it also holds advantages for its customers. Put simply, one brand learns from another - especially, when it comes to technology.

StanJames launches new app

StanJames has been available to mobile gamers and sports betting enthusiast for numerous years. Players could either download the app or visit a solid mobile version of the StanJames website. Recently though, StanJames made massive improvements to its already impressive mobile app.

How to get the StanJames app

To get the StanJames' app, customers don't go down the conventional road of visiting an app store. StanJames has made the process much leaner and easier. Players simply have to install a QR code scanner on their phone and visit the StanJames' website once to scan the QR code. Once a player scanned the QR code, the StanJames' app is installed on his mobile device and he no longer needs to visit the mobile website.