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Get a High Five from Roxy Palace when you play Live Blackjack

2017-09-15 11:19:20

Playing blackjack in the live casino is definitely one of the best ways to play it. The instant satisfaction of seeing the dealer’s card gets flipped over to see if you have won or not and the rush of being able to hit and stick instantaneously through the internet makes it a thrill to play, to say the least.

That is why Roxy Palace are giving you this opportunity to get even more from your Live Casino jackpot games. And that’s even more than the amount you can win just playing the normal game, which thanks to the wonderful Roxy Palace Live Casino platform is usually quite a bit.

Until the 30th September this year, you can get free cash bonuses by simply playing the game. It has nothing to do with how much money you put into the game either nor how many games you lay, this bonus is all to do with getting the right cards in your hand at the right time.

That is because with this offer if you end up getting a total of 5 blackjacks in any given day you can and will get a free bonus of £$€5 lodged right into your account the following day. That’s right, if your dealt cards add up to 21 on five different instances throughout the day in which you are playing your favourite blackjack game on Roxy Palace then they will gift you a bonus of £$€5 absolutely free!

That’s not even where it ends. There’s more to this promotion than may first meet the eye. Getting the 5 blackjacks in one day for that sweet £$€5 bonus is only the start of it. If you somehow get lucky or just play a lot of a blackjack and you manage to get a total of 10 blackjacks in during the day then you will not just get two bonuses, no you will get a whopping £$€20 for your achievement! That’s twice what you could have gotten if you got £$€5 for both.

This promotion is available to all live blackjack players on Roxy Palace but even if you don’t regularly play blackjack on the Live Casino you can always start and use this promotion to get a nice couple of bonuses while you play for the first while.

The promotion applies to three of the Roxy Palace Live Casino blackjack games so you can play any one of them and really enjoy yourself with their super engaging and ultra-fun live gameplay while all the while knowing that every blackjack you get is putting you one step closer to the awesome bonuses of either £$€5 or £$€10.

These bonuses can then be used on any of the Live Casino games over at Roxy Palace so you can use it to get even more cold, hard cash when you reinvest it into your online gaming career.

So make sure to head over to Roxy Palace now and check out the Live Casino Blackjack to get your hands on this awesome bonus promotion anytime day or night.

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