Genting's Premier VIP Programme

2018-06-03 09:00:00

You too can become a very important customer at Genting just by heading over there and signing up for their VIP programme which is a quick and easy process and will reap you a whole bunch of great rewards and privileges so you know you’ve made the right decision in joining the most elite players on the Genting platform.

How To Get In

There are essentially two ways into the Genting Black programme and one is a little more costly than the other but both will see you earning huge rewards that are not only fantastic but are also exclusive which will give you bragging rights over everyone else on the site who is not a member.

The first way into the VIP circle is the same way you join any high flying casino game, with a buy in. To buy into the Genting Black Programme you must first make a single deposit of £1000 or more to your Genting account. When this is done you will be automatically invited into the most prestigious group on the website and you will be given another £1000 to play with for free! So not only does the deposit give you a bunch of money to play all of your favourite Genting games with but it also gets you into the VIP and gives you the chance to double your money immediately!

The second option may take a little while longer but it also may appeal to the more dedicated and dare I say it somewhat more shrewd of the Genting players. Instead of putting £1000 into your account to be automatically made a VIP you can simply keep on playing your favourite games and putting in the money you feel you need and showing the Genting team that you are a dedicated player. Every week the team look at who on the site is the most die-hard casino game players and will, at their discretion, grant VIP status to those they deem most worthy. That’s right if you keep your head down and keep on keepin’ on you can still become a member of this wonderful programme and get all of the benefits that come with that.

The Benefits

What would be the point of a VIP system if there weren’t any kick-ass rewards? There simply wouldn’t be any point. The Genting Black scheme, therefore, has a whole bunch of great benefits and rewards for all of their VIP members to get their hands on, and they are completely exclusive which makes them all the more delicious.
  • First of all, there is the one that was already mentioned, the free £1000 pounds after your first deposit, it really is a great way to say welcome to a new service.
  • Second, thanks to being a VIP you will get a 100% deposit bonus every single week so you can double your money each time you deposit if you wait seven days between them.
  • Thirdly, you have the ability to earn Genting points regardless of whether you win or lose in a game on the site.
  • Fourth, you can avail of increased maximum table bets in Live Casino games so you can wager as much as you want to.
  • Finally, you can get access to a whole pile of extra promotions and members bonuses that are strictly exclusive to you and your VIP cohorts.

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