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Genting's Great New Games

2017-07-04 13:26:57

One of the things that gamers like most is opening up their favourite online gaming website and seeing new content for them to dig their teeth into. That is why Genting have recently added a couple of new games to their site and are pushing them to the front of their website for you to check out.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the new games that Genting Casino has to offer in both their live casino and Slot games sections.

Caribbean Stud

This classic Caribbean poker game is different from traditional poker in that you are not playing against the other players but rather only against the dealer. This means you can forget about bluffing and poker faces as your only opponent is the house. Things are made all the more interesting by the fact that the house has to get an Ace and King to qualify so the odds aren’t stacked towards the house at all. The game is part of the Genting Live Casino and so is played against a real dealer in real time either on your computer or on our phone/tablet so you can really play from anywhere.

Dream Catcher

This wheel of fortune game is part of the Genting Live Casino so you can watch the real-life wheel spin in real time through your computer screen or your phone/tablet. The game is super easy to play, simply place your bets on whatever number you want to come out in the spin. When the wheel lands on a certain number it pays out odds corresponding to that number, for example landing on 5 will pay out 5/1 on your bet and landing on 20 will pay out 20/1! The wheel also multipliers of 2x and 7x if the wheel lands on these then all bets are kept in play and it spins again until a normal number is reached then those odds are multiplied by the bonus multiplier. It is possible to rack up rows of multipliers if you are really lucky so you can win big bucks!

Golden Jungle Slots

This Classic slot game finally comes to Genting Casino online! You very well may be familiar with it and if you are then you’ll know just how fun it is. The four-row, five-reel slot does exactly what it says on the tin when it delivers a truly wild and fun slot game right to you. The game features a bunch of bonuses and secrets that are far too numerous to go into here so if you haven’t checked it out yet get on to it now and thank me later.

Ghostbusters Triple Slime

Regardless of what you think of the newest Ghostbusters movie you can’t deny the classic status of the original and that universe is where this game sets itself. This game is what is classed as low volatility so you will expect to see smaller payouts but they do come at a much faster rate which is a great thing for the more casual gamer.

Magic Castle

Magic Castle is a slot game that brings you right back in time to a fantasy medieval setting where witches, wizards, knights and dragons ruled the world. Be fully immersed with the fabulous artwork and design as well as its fantastic gameplay that is a whole bunch of fun! The multipliers in this game come thick and fast and so you can fully expect to get big payouts for your time playing Magic Castle!

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