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Genting Casino Loves Responsible Gaming

2017-11-03 12:20:33

You’d be hard-pressed to find an online gaming website that doesn’t have the obligatory warnings against irresponsible gaming. The most popular of which seems to be ‘When the fun stops, stop’ which is a great message to put across and it is fantastic that so many sites embrace it. What is even better, however, is something that is pretty unique to Genting casino, the site has a whole section on the dangers and consequences of irresponsible gaming and advice from experts on what to do if you think you or a friend may have overstepped that invisible line. The info is presented I a non-judgemental and friendly way too which really shows how Genting have gone above and beyond their call of duty and how much they care about their customer.

Unlike many sites would this section of the website is not hidden away in some dark recess that you need to press a certain number of buttons in the right order to access. The ‘Responsible Gaming’ page is located front and centre for all to see, the first sign of a responsible website. It is extremely easy to reach on the mobile site, it is listed as the sixth option on the sidebar menu.

The ‘Responsible Gaming’ page on the Genting site is very well laid out, it has everything you might need to work out whether you are having an issue with your gaming as well as some links to some very important information and resources designed to promote and encourage responsible gaming across all online gaming sites.

This huge wealth of information should definitely be looked over even if you feel like your gaming habits are fine and you don’t need to review them. The reason behind this is because it gives you a great amount of knowledge and detail which you can then use to have a better and more responsible gaming experience the next time and every time you visit Genting.

The Genting site also allows players to set limits and reduce the risk. Here they put the power into your hands and the section detailing it in the website works as a reminder that they are there to help you. This is a great way to make sure that you are not playing too much or spending too much money on your favourite games and really helps you to keep to budget while enjoying yourself.

The ‘Responsible Gaming’ page also has very handy contacts in it that you can use to contact companies like GamCare and Gamble Aware which are both charities that fund and provide the type of counselling and help that someone who is suffering from a gambling addiction really needs.

The whole ‘Responsible Gaming’ page is an interesting read even if you don’t suspect yourself or someone in your family has a problem. The fact that it even exists is a ringing endorsement for the Genting brand and really shows that they care about the players.

Remember, everything is addictive in large enough quantities, take your time, play smart and play responsibly.

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