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Find out here about SlotsMagic Deposit Options

2017-06-26 12:32:29

For UK and Irish readers, the most relevant forms of deposit are credit/debit card and Neteller. Below, we will go through these two options -

Credit Card Deposit

In order to deposit to SlotsMagic via a credit card there are a few things that need to be noted:

Is Your Card International?
Your card qualifies as international if it has 16 digits on the front as the card number. If it does not have 16 then your card may well be local and in this instance, you must apply to your bank for an international card.

Are You The Card Holder?
If you are the cardholder then there is no problem to deposit with SlotsMagic. If the card is a relatives or friends then they will need to fill the SlotsMagic authorization form, and both of you will need to send appropriate documentation.

Are Your Account’s Personal Details Correct?
If your details are incorrect and your name does not match your credit card, for example, this will create problems down the line when withdrawing. Always remember that when you supply accurate and correct details a withdrawal will be processed without any hitches.

Do You Have Sufficient Funds On Your Card?
When trying to make a deposit please remember to make sure you have sufficient funds on your credit card, and also allow for the exchange rate as SlotsMagic process funds in US Dollars.

Does Your Bank Allow Online Purchases?
In some cases, you may have to authorise your bank or credit card company in order to allow online purchases.