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Fantastic news for all bgo customers!

2017-10-04 14:30:37

bgo casino players will be in fantastic spirits after it was revealed that the British based online casino operator will be removing minimum wagering requirements on bonuses. This will lead to bgo players getting their hands on their big bonus wins faster and with less hassle! bgo are always looking to please their fans and they have cited player feedback as one of the reasons for making the change! bgo players can expect to collect all of their bonus cash faster than ever before!

bgo are moving with the times

bgo are certainly and business who do not stay static! bgo are committed to developing constantly and moving with the times. Player feedback, as well as the changing regulatory environment in the UK for online casinos, have led to the change. The move won’t come into effect until mid-October, but fans are already licking their lips at the prospects of easily accessible bonus cash. From mid-October, any bonuses offered by bgo will be in the form of real cash only or wagerless free spins. bgo are seeking to become one of the top names in the competitive online casino industry in the UK and this move will go a long way to achieving their ambition

Changing regulatory environment

There has been a massive increase in regulatory matters being put on bgo and other online casinos in the UK. Allan Turner, who is the CMO at bgo commented on the issue: “The recent changes to the regulatory environment in the UK means we are spending time with various parties. Hopefully, bgo can demonstrate to the industry that restrictive bonus wagering conditions are not the way to go and we can make them a thing of the past.”

No complications at bgo

bgo are looking to remove any confusion that players might have when they join an online casino and aren’t familiar with wagering requirements that often come with bonuses and offers when signing up. Hannah Westley, who is bgo’s CFO commented: “All operators are very keen to sign new customers and show growth, however, the player lifetime is not what it once was and we think some of the reasons relate to the market’s treatment of bonus cash and consumers resentment of them.” Many players are seeking to enjoy the entertaining games and aren’t concerned with complicated bonus conditions.

Brilliant gaming at bgo

bgo are striving to ensure that players will enjoy their experience fully at bgo. Any bonus offers will be explained clearly to players. Most new players who may not understand some of the required terms found at other sites can rest assured that there is no confusing terminology to be found at bgo! bgo have a great range of services on offer, including a range of slots, table games and card games!

If you’re looking for an online casino who outline conditions clearly and want you to receive your hard-earned bonuses without any hassle, look no further than the terrific bgo!

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