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Fantastic bingo promotions at Betfred!

2017-10-09 13:53:00

Betfred have some fantastic news for bingo fanatics as they have some great bingo offers! Play at the best online bingo rooms and win lots of cash in the process at Betfred! There are offers for loyal Betfred customers and new players who are looking for the ultimate online bingo experience! For an enjoyable bingo experience, head over to Betfred, right now!

£1 million prize draw

You could be the winner of a massive sum of cash very soon at Betfred! From now until October 26th, every £10 that you stake on qualifying games will gain one free entry into the weekly draw. Betfred bingo’s £1 million slots draw is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for! There are 60,000 huge cash prizes to be won over the course of four weeks and you could easily be one of the lucky players to hit the jackpot. There are draws taking place each Monday and Friday up until October 26th so you will need act fast! Get over to the Betfred bingo rooms, now!

Super Sunday sales at Betfred

The weekend might be drawing to a close but that doesn’t mean that you should be in despair! Sunday sales take place in the Wild West Saloon Room every Sunday between 6pm – Midnight. There is a massive £5000 up for grabs every single week at the Betfred Wild West Saloon! Just one 5p game can win you as much as £125! You will receive a bonus if you narrowly miss out on grabbing the house, with the help of the 1&2 To Go feature on the 9:30pm BingoLinx game. Sunday will be your favourite day of the week when you win a massive sum of cash at Betfred!

Rapid rush hour at Betfred

The Betfred 50s diner is the place to be during the week! The speed bingo room is where all the bingo action take place 3 hours a day Monday to Friday. There is over £2,000 in guaranteed prize money up for grabs in the 50’s Diner room! Rush hour will be quick with spectacular bingo taking place every few minutes! Can you handle the fast-pace? Win fast bingo cash this week at Betfred!

XTG Wednesday at Betfred

Wednesday’s just got very exciting over at Betfred! The 75 ball bingo action take place between 6pm and 11:59pm every Wednesday! There is more cash than ever before up for grabs and you could win the lucky jackpot! You could win huge cash prizes from £75 to £350 even if you still have one or two numbers left on your bingo ticket! You can join all of the bingo fun for as little as 5p, so there is no excuse to join the party at Betfred! The Wild West salon Room will be hopping with excitement this Wednesday and every Wednesday to come so make sure you’re not missing out any longer!

Betfred take their bingo action very seriously! Check out the great bingo services on offer, you’ll win some cash in the process!

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