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Exclusive Games at Next Casino

2017-07-12 13:19:41

The catalogue of fantastic games on offer at Next Casino is already so extensive and varied so when you add in some games that are completely unique and exclusive to Next Casino it really is the cherry on top of the cake. These games are not available anywhere else so if you want to sink your teeth into them you’ll have to go to Next Casino right away.

Here is a quick look at three of the best exclusive games and what they have to offer and how they really help to set Next Casino apart from the rest of the pack.

Fruity Friends

What’s better to celebrate the summer than the sweet sweet taste of fruit? You can get just that with the world that waits for you in the exclusive Fruity Friends slot game. This game is fun and exciting and puts you in a great mood as you play with your fruity friends and win super sweet cash prizes.

The slot is set in a calming meadow area which really drives home the nature theme that they were going for with this game. A 5 reel slot game with 25 paylines, this game has a bunch of different ways to win so you’ll never be short of patience or enjoyment.

Mighty Sphinx

Time now for a trip back in time to the mystical and magical valley of the kings in Ancient Egypt where the Pharaohs had riches beyond your wildest dreams in Mighty Sphinx. Thanks to the wonderful nature of slots some of these riches could be headed right in your direction if you’re lucky enough to win big on this game.

The design of this game is just perfect for the theme that it encapsulates, there’s a certain sense of ancient magic that’s helped along by the attention to detail evident in the art styling. For example, each of the symbols has their own Ancient Egyptian image and the twisting snake to the right-hand side of the reels is a constant reminder of the dangers of the desert setting. Speaking of which, the desert landscape is wonderfully represented in the muted colour pallet of the background containing three pyramids. All of this works in harmony to present a wonderful and beautiful slot game that you should definitely check out.

Reel Bandits

The world of cowboys and outlaws is just a tug of the one-armed bandit away with Reel Bandits. The theme, as the name suggests, is western with elements drawn from all those classic movies that captured the world’s imagination in a major way. The theme goes such a far way to making this game a fistful of fun, the design of the reels and the background are excellently done and really make you feel like you’re in the wild wild west while you rack up huge wins and have loads of fun while doing so.

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