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Ever wondered about Virtual Sports at Bet365?

2017-06-13 11:26:07

Sporting events that occur so frequently they don't allow for recovery times? Believe it or not, such events exist. So-called virtual sports, available to bet on at Bet365, are computer generated presentations of sporting events. The immensely popular fantasy football leagues inspired the development of virtual sports which have become big business - also, at Bet365.

How does Bet365's virtual sports betting work?

A variety of virtual sporting events are available around the clock, each and every day of the week at Bet365. Once you landed on Bet365's regular sports betting page, scroll past cycling, snooker and other sports in alphabetical order, until you get to Virtual Sports. Once redirected to the Virtual Sports section, the top menu displays a variety of upcoming events. Once you have clicked on an event, for example, a virtual greyhound race, the odds are displayed next to names of the dogs running. On that page, you will also find a window that shows a countdown to the race and will broadcast the race once it has started live on your screen.

In short, virtual sports are just like the real deal and offer an additional event off-season or in-between races. The animated graphics appear realistic and the odds are equivalent to greyhound races in the real world.

What other sports are offered?

Alongside greyhound races, Bet365 also provides its customers with a virtual version of motorsport events, both motorbike and car racing, soccer games, including Premiership, Super League and World Cup games, cycling, both outdoors and in the velodrome, and tennis matches.

The betting options in virtual sports at Bet365 are also huge. For example, virtual soccer matches come with almost the same amount of betting options as real life games. Punters can bet on the correct score, the number of goals, winning margin, away team goals and many other combinations.

Virtual sports are booming

Bet365 entered the virtual sports market at the right time. What was once a niche product is turning into a highly popular mainstream business that is generating billions every year. Not only does the virtual sports betting market provide Bet365 with the opportunity to grow its revenue, it also provides players with access to games that are advancing in terms of technology at a rapid rate.

Virtual reality is being hyped as the next big thing and poses great potential for virtual sports. As the term virtual reality indicates, this technology aims to artificially replicate reality. In virtual sports, this technology could reduce the differences between the ways in which we experience live and virtual events significantly. What was once you hiding from the rain at the dog races, could be you seeing and living the very same, but from the comfort of your home!

The very same as with real sporting events applies: bet strategically. Odds are a great indication of who will win. Therefore, backing the favourite can often pay off. However, picking an outsider can be more profitable as a result of the weaker odds, and subsequently higher winnings.

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