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Enjoy Sports and betting? Then SuperLenny has you covered!

2017-06-15 14:00:00

Despite being a somewhat new entrant into the UK market it seems that SuperLenny has the whole betting site game down to a tee with a huge range of sports to bet on and competitive and rewarding odds on top. What the team at SuperLenny have created is an easily accessible and satisfying sports betting site that promises to keep you entertained and enthralled when you play.

More sports than you could shake a hockey stick at

One of the most attractive aspects of SuperLenny is its offering of great odds for such a great amount of different sports. Whether you are a fan of football or futsal, tennis or water polo the SuperLenny site will have you covered with odd, in-game live betting and statistics galore so you can widen your mind and your wallet.

Easy Navigation

The sports betting section of the website is extremely easy to get to, simply click on the football in the top bar of the site and you will be immediately transported to a world of thrilling tension and stunning sports moments. The site is laid out very nicely and carries a paper aesthetic that is reminiscent of school days or a bookmaker’s shop where debates on the most likely winners of that night’s sporting event are filled with passion and vigour.
The first page provides you with a glimpse into what is ‘Live Now’ in case something catches your eye and you want to make a quick in-game bet at the fantastic odds and prices listed. The first page also has a list of odds for its most popular events in the categories of Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Basketball and Handball. Each of these comes with a handy link to a stats page where you can inform yourself on the team’s current form, their starting squad and the history of odds that were on offer for them. This addition is extremely useful as it takes a large part of the guesswork out of gambling and allows the more knowledgeable and enthusiastic to have a slight edge over those who don’t study this page.

What about the Sidebar?

The sidebar of the sports betting page on SuperLenny is a list of all the sports that SuperLenny allows betting on. With a click on your favourite sport, you are presented with a drop-down menu that conveniently displays all the different leagues and events on offer. For example, when you click on Basketball a huge range of options as to what country the event you want to bet on is in starting with International and USA it goes alphabetically from Argentina to Spain so you can place bets on hoops from all over the world.

The sidebar also provides a ‘Quick Links tab so you can go directly to the betting page for that big even that is due to take place that day, for example on Monday the ‘Quick Links’ section has a link to Serie A because the intense Palermo vs Pescara match was happening that night.

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