Earn some awesome V*Points at Virgin Games

Tuesday, Jul 11, 2017 14:45

V*points at Virgin Games are loyalty points which are unique to Virgin Games and Virgin Games users. Once you sign up with Virgin Games and start playing some of their amazing online casino games, you will build up V*points. You are free to enjoy these V*points in whatever way that pleases you, whether that is as cash or as Virgin Games flying club miles.

Start immediately!

You can start earning V*points when you first begin your Virgin Games journey while sampling the amazing spread of online casino games which are on offer. Virgin Games V*points are automatically added to your V*points balance so there is no tricks or confusion in trying to go about receiving your loyalty points, Virgin Games do all the hard work for you, leaving it simple for you to enjoy the online gaming. V*points are worth 1p each as cash. And you will be able to earn one for each £5 you spend on bingo, or £20 spent on most other Virgin Games casino games. There are no limits whatsoever to how many V*points you can earn so you can enjoy the Virgin Games fun while earning V*points simultaneously until you’re content.

Can you convert Virgin Games V*points into cash from a mobile?

Yes, you can convert Virgin Games V*points into cash from any device, including a mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Many people use different devices to enjoy online gaming with Virgin Games, so they have to make sure all users are satisfied and they certainly do their best to ensure everyone is able to avail of their incredible services. All you need to do is click on the V*points button at the top of the Virgin Games homepage, or go to the menu and select my account, then click “convert points” from the list. You can type the amount that you want to convert into cash or simply use the slider to select the amount. This can be done on any device and the V*points will go straight onto your balance to enjoy.

How to convert V*points into flying club miles

You can fly in style on a Virgin Atlantic flight by converting V*points into flying club miles. This option is also available in the V*points tab at the top of the home page. Click on the flying club miles option and choose the amount which you wish to redeem. You will need to inform Virgin Games of your flying club number each time which ensures that you’re not restricted to using one flying club number. One point equals one flying club mile so get ready for a smooth landing courtesy of Virgin Games!

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