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Earn cool stuff at Unibet Poker!

2017-09-18 11:29:14

This September Unibet has some great missions for you to complete in its poker games so that you can earn free spins, free tournament entries and bonus points for real money prizes. Missions are a great great way of discovering new and exciting games in the Unibet Poker world while earning some extras.

The missions add a whole new element to the games of poker that you will be playing over at Unibet. If you know that your games will set you on your way to winning awesome prizes you are a lot more likely to play with a new sense of enthusiasm which draws in a whole lot more fun from your favourite poker games.

Throughout the month you can check your progress to see if you're ‘Poker Mission Accomplished’ - simply go to the mission icon in the Poker lobby and on the Poker tables.

These are your missions if you choose to accept them:
Stage 1
Stage: 1a “Create a new identity”
Description: Change your appearance by creating a new identity

Stage:1b “Play a Bounty tournament”
Description: Play any non-freeroll multi-table tournament with the word "Bounty" in the name

Stage:1c “Win hands from the button”
Description: Win 5 hands from the button in any cash game

Reward: 35 Bonus Points

Stage 2
Stage:2a “Play a Tournament, then play a Sit and Go the next day"
Description: Play any multi-table tournament that has a £$€1 buy-in or higher, then complete a Sit and Go the next day

Stage:2b “Play a Sit and Go, then play a Tournament the next day”
Description: Complete a Sit and Go, then play any multi-table tournament that has a £$€1 buy-in or higher the next day

Stage:2c “NLHE Blackjack”
Description: Be dealt 10 cards with a value of 10 or higher at any NLHE cash game stake

Reward: 5 Free Cash Spins