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Double trouble! Double your honey at mFortune

2017-09-27 10:12:19

mFortune have all of their bees working to their absolute limit just so you can win lots of cash! With the Double Your Honey slot game at mFortune, you can huge sums of cash as all of the busy worker bees fly and spin their way to jackpot glory. Double Your Honey is one most popular mobile slot games played at mFortune and the busy bees make it all the more exciting. If you want to win lots of cash, get over to mFortune and start to collect honey!

Busy bees brilliant features

There is a real buzz around Double Your Honey, in more ways than one. Winning an enormous amount of cash whilst enjoying a thrilling slot game is a win-win scenario that is a reality, thanks to mFortune! It’s certainly time to double your money and honey as there are big bonuses and jackpots to be won as you take in the lovely visuals with the slots reeling, meaning that you’ve earned yourself lots of cash. There are rewarding win lines to be found everywhere and if you’re lucky you will unlock the special, unique feature to double your honey, resulting in your pockets being filled with cash. There is lots of golden honey to be found, as both the slots and the bees are buzzing! Get lucky and you will find some of the liquid gold that the bees are busy making! There are lots of amazing symbols to be found, which will certainly get you in the buzzing mood. There is also a mini-game and some more special features which can be enabled that will see you receive a massive multiplier.

Marvelous mini-games at mFortune

mFortune are big into mini-games as they seek out innovative ways to keep their fans enjoying themselves while earning themselves some cash. With Double Your Honey, there is no sting in the tail, as there is an exciting mini-game which will result in you taking some extra cash! The busy bees come with majestic multipliers in the mini-game that is titled “Bee Keeper”. Give your mobile device a shake and the remaining bees should arrange themselves into a wheel. This is a great sign, as when you press spin, you will win the multiplier of the bee you land on. Lining up three queen symbols will result in a trip to Queen Bee. This features a huge wheel full of x1 and x2 multipliers. Spin a x2 and you’ll double your winnings for that spin.

Great gameplay at mFortune

mFortune pride themselves on their amazing gameplay and Double Your Honey is no different. Line up some matching symbol on any of the 15 win lines, from 9 to Ace, plus the special bee symbols and you’re bound to win yourself a nice sum of cash. Double Your Honey is playable on 99% of mobile devices, including Android and iPhone, and you can deposit with your device. The busy bees are working hard right now to ensure there is cash waiting for you!

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