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Double Delight and Hat-Trick Heaven at Betfred

2017-11-20 12:26:15

The biggest and most popular wagers put on football games at Betfred and other unmentionable competitors are usually the ones on the team that wins and the player who scores. These seem to be people’s favourites as there is an element of semi-predictability to them if you know that a player is in top form and has a point to prove then he is probably a good bit more likely to score than most of the other people on the pitch.

These bets are a lot of fun too, because if you happen to be playing a fantasy football league with some friends or colleagues then you can sweeten the deal of your top striker scoring for you by also having a wager for him to do so at Betfred.

To make the first goalscorer bet even better, Betfred have devised an absolutely fantastic promotion that you just have to get your hands on if you want to place one of those bets anytime soon.

The Offer

The offer that Betfred have for you is something truly wonderful. To get your hands on it all you have to do is be a Betfred online member as this offer is only redeemable on the Betfred website. Then, head over to the promotions page to see what games the bonus will apply at this time. Before the match starts, place your first goalscorer bet for the match of your choice and wait, watch and wonder, will your chosen man really pull through for you?

How it works is very simple and definitely showcases its awesome generosity very well. After you have placed your bet online and the match starts the promotion will kick into gear. If you’re lucky enough to be watching along with the match your fists will be clenched in anticipation of your bet coming true and your chosen player scoring that first and all-important goal.

When that finally does happen and you know you have won your bet, don’t pack it in because there’s still a lot more for you to potentially win yet. If your player happens to score yet another goal after that then your price will be automatically doubled! That’s right, you will get twice the amount you would have gotten had he only scored once.

But that’s not even all. And you might be able to see where this is going if you’re aware of the promotion’s name. But I may as well bring you through it anyway. If your chosen player happens to be lucky/skilful enough to score a third goal for themselves then your original bet will be TRIPLED!! Yes, you read that right, if the player scores three times in the game then you will get three times your original profit! Isn’t that awesome?

So for example, if you were to put a £$€10 bet on a player to score the first goal in a match at 4/1 your profit would, of course, start out at £$€40. Then if they score another one you will see yourself getting an impressive £$€80 out of the deal. And if they go on to score a third then you will get £$€120 straight to your Betfred account just for putting on one bet!

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