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Don’t Rizk Missing Out On These New Games!

2017-10-12 14:58:00

If you follow Captain Rizk on any of his wonderful social media accounts you will likely be aware of the frequency with which the site updates its games library with new slots for you to sink your teeth into. If you don’t well then let me just tell you this, it is often. And not only are they uploading new games to the site to refresh their catalogue and diversify it but they are also making sure that they choose only the very best in online games out there so that you are getting a steady stream of the highest quality games right to your favourite site, Rizk.

Here is a quick look at some of the newest games that they have dropped on the site in the last while.

Golden Mane

If you ask most people what the most majestic animal in the animal kingdom is they will probably come back with the verdict of a horse. There really are very few things which can so symbolise the qualities of freedom and power than the horse. That is the reason why it is the logo for the world’s most famous supercar manufacturer and it is no doubt the reason why it is the main theme behind the new slot game at Rizk - Golden Mane.

The main principle of the game is rather simple, it is a slot and works like most other slot game out there but what sets this one apart is its wonderful design and brilliant gameplay. Line up the horseshoes on the three centre reels and turn the white and black horses into wilds during free spins. Gallop for the horizon with your tidy winnings accompanied by inspiring music and a blissful scenery! That’s what Golden Mane is all about.

So saddle up and head over to Rizk now to give this game a go!