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Don’t Have A Horse In The Race? Get Your Money Back!

2017-09-08 14:08:00

Placing a bet and then being disappointed to find out that the horse you really had a good feeling about, the one whose name or form or rider swayed you to put down some of your hard-earned money on it, won’t actually be running in the race. It’s sometimes heart breaking because there is often absolutely nothing you can do about it in any way and it wasn’t the case of a bad decision by the punter but more of the forces of nature conspiring against you. The mere potential that your selected horse might have stormed ahead and come out at the head of the pack at the end of the race bagging you a nice win and a nice sense of being right.

But alas sometimes these things happen. And BetVictor knows this, they also know that it isn’t your fault when it happens so in order to compensate for that they are willing to give you back your stake when your horse doesn’t end up in the race that you wanted them to be in.

This may seem like a pretty obvious thing and something that should be in the rules for all sports bets somewhere but actually no, a betting company can simply decide not to give you your stake back if the horse does not compete and again there is nothing you can do about it.