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Do you want a Reel Thrill? Well, you can get it at Mr Green Now!

2017-08-16 07:09:19

It’s hard to beat the thrill of slots, especially when you know that there’s a huge prize pool waiting for you to get your hands on it. That’s what makes the Reel Thrill system at Mr Green's casino all the more satisfying, not only are you playing loads of great games but you’re also working your way up a leaderboard to be crowned Reel Thrill champ and get all the monetary benefits that bring with it.

What is Reel Thrill?

Reel Thrill is some way between a competition and a tournament, you aren’t necessarily playing against other players really but your performance on the slots does matter to your position on the leaderboard. You play to win the best cash prizes for yourself and then that determines how many points you have on the leaderboard.

The way they do this is rather nifty and fair for all, points are calculated by taking into account how much you have won in 20 spins on the particular games that fall within the Reel Thrill game that is active at that time (this changes so there’s a new one every 15 minutes with two active at a time). But what makes it extra fair is that it is not an absolute value of winnings that gets you points but an overall percentage of what you staked so a spin of £$€0.25 that wins £$€10 is worth more points than a £$€100 spin that wins £$€150! This, of course, means that even if you are not the biggest roller and spinner in the online gaming world you still have just as much chance to win as Johnny Big Bucks over there who makes much bigger wagers.

The actual mathematical way that they get your points total is rather simple, all they do is take the amount you have won on the Thrill and divide it by the amount you wagered in the first place, then they multiply this by twenty to get your Leaderboard score.

When the Reel Thrill ends for a certain game then the people who have gotten the largest percentage wins in that game will win cash prizes that are split from the main pot. SO even if you’re not the luckiest in your Reel Thrill campaign you could still place in a prize winning position and bag yourself a nice little bonus that will be deposited into your Mr Green account ASAP.

So doesn’t that all seem rather thrilling? Reel Thrill is a series of quickfire competitions that could see you walking away with some pretty sizeable cash prizes in your back pocket. As well as the thrill of that prospect you also get the chance to play some of the best games on the Mr Green platform and maybe try out a couple that you’ve never tried before, perhaps finding your new favourite, especially if it wins you a big prize! Why not head over to Mr Green now and get stuck in, although there’ll be stiff competition because I know for sure that I won’t be missing out on this. See you there!

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