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Coral Casino’s Three New Superman Slot Games

2017-07-25 10:52:09

The Man of Steel has been one of the most popular characters in comic books, tv shows, movies, basically every medium that he’s shown up in so it was only a matter of time that he would be added to the fantastic catalogue of brilliant games over at Coral.

And what a splash he’s made, Coral hasn’t only added one Superman game, they have added a total of three of them that are adaptations of the more popular movies that he has starred in (no Superman 4 for example). This is a good decision by Coral as making games out of the properties that people love is a sure-fire way to get a huge amount of players to give it a go. When people see a slot that has the same name or theme as something they like then they are much more likely to play that game over ones that they don’t fully recognise.

Here is a quick look at those games and what they have to offer at Coral Casino.

Superman The Movie

The original and the classic Christopher Reeve film from 1978 which kick-started the whole super-hero genre, to begin with. The movie was fantastical and captured the imagination of a whole generation when it came out and it wouldn’t surprise me if this great slot had a similar effect.

This 5-reel slot is dynamic and super-fun, the reels are set against a backdrop of space floating above the fragile earth which is a great expression of the theme as one can really feel the sense of being a ‘watcher over earth’ in the same way that Superman is forced to be. The symbols on the reels are great and thematic with Kryptonite crystals, Lois Lane and Gene Hackman’s ruthless Lex Luthor. This is a great game and a fantastic start to your journey through the Superman slot games on Coral#.

Superman II

The sequel is often hard to get right but there’s no doubt that Playtech has knocked this one out of the park with this slot game that is fabulous in its own right but also works wonderfully as a follow up to Superman The Movie.

The game takes place in Metropolis this time with brand new symbols including the maniacally evil Zod as played wonderfully by Terence Stamp and his henchman Non. The wild symbol is still the Superman logo and Christopher Reeve’s Superman and Lois Lane are still present alongside slightly differently designed Kryptonite crystals.

Man Of Steel

The most modern Superman solo flick from 2013 gets its own slot game too, this time with Henry Cavill in the famous red and blue. Just like the movie had, this game has a whole new look from its classic predecessors. The reels contain a lot more different symbols with some more secondary characters and standing at either side of the reels are the imposing figures of Henry Cavill’s Superman and Michael Shannon’s General Zod. The game also has these two characters as wilds which open up super bonus features.

Altogether these are three great games that are reminiscent of great movies that feature a timeless character and premise and it would be no surprise if these games remained timeless too.

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