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Come Visit the Shop of Joy at JackpotJoy!

2017-07-27 13:23:30

The folks at JackpotJoy are at this point old hats at the practice of giving you the player the most from your gaming experience. Not only do they provide you with a fantastic array of games that will let you experience a huge variety of brilliant games that will give you the chance to win cash prizes but they also have great schemes and systems which have are designed to give you loads of extras and bonuses to say thank you for being a loyal member.

One such bonus feature of the JackpotJoy site is their Joy Points system which puts you in with a chance to win wonderful prizes just by playing your favourite games. All you need to do is collect as many of these Joy Points as you can and then redeem them for the opportunity to put yourself in the draw to win a bunch of really excellent prizes at the Shop Of Joy!

How to get Joy Points

Getting Joy Points is one of those rare things in life that is both easy to do and incredibly rewarding when you do it. You really need not make any alterations to the way that you use the JackpotJoy site, just keep on playing your favourite games and making deposits and you’ll soon have built up a pretty sizeable stockpile of these much sought-after Joy Points.

Earning them is easy, you’ll automatically earn 1 Joy Point for every £$€5 you spend on Bingo or £$€20 you spend playing on any Slot, Casino or Instant Win games. So chances are that if you’ve been playing at JackpotJoy for a while and you didn’t even know that this system existed or that you were getting anything more than a fantastic gaming experience out of your time spent there then you will already have built up some points without your knowledge as you don’t need to opt into anything special at all to get them. It really is that simple, the more you put into the JackpotJoy site over time the more you will be able to take out in the form of Joy Points which you can then spend in the Shop of Joy.

The Shop Of Joy

The Shop of Joy is simply the name given to the place you can spend your hard-earned Joy Points. The name is a little bit of a misnomer however as you won’t be using your point to directly buy anything but instead, you will swap them in for the chance to get your name into the hat for the awesome and lucrative prize draws that the JackpotJoy site holds monthly.

There is a total of three prize draws that you can enter, all of varying price and prize value. The first of these is the Bronze prize draw which is, as the name suggests, the lowest value of the three draws. Since it is the lowest value of the three it is also the cheapest to enter. All you need to be in with a chance of winning is 5 Joy Points. You have the opportunity to win a kindle, some beats headphones and £$€100 in cash!

The second draw is a little more expensive as it requires 10 Joy Points to enter which, to be honest, isn’t really that much when you look at the prizes that can be won at this level. This is the Silver prize draw and could see you winning a speaker, a handbag and £$€300 in cash!

The Gold prize draw is, of course, the biggest of them all. With this one, you can win a PS4 and a whopping £$€500 in cold hard cash!

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