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Collect huge winnings with OJOplus!

2017-08-09 08:07:06

Win huge this summer with OJOplus

PlayOJO want to ensure that this summer is one which you won’t forget in a hurry. Every time you play with PlayOJO and make a bet, they will some extra money in your OJOplus account for you to enjoy. It’s up to you what you do with this extra OJOplus money, spend it, save it, or use it to try and make extra OJOplus winnings. PlayOJO will pay out on every single bet that you make, there are no restrictions, rules or regulations, PlayOJO are just very generous!

The amount of money that you can earn for yourself with OJOplus is unlimited. The more games that you play, the more cash that you will earn for yourself. You’re rewarded for enjoying yourself over at PlayOJO! Make sure that this summer is a great one by enjoying yourself and earning money simultaneously! You will be able to keep track of all you OJOplus winnings very easily. As you earn more OJOplus money, you will be able to view the OJOplus icon moving on your screen. You can watch your account balance go through the roof as you imagine what you will spend all you OJOplus winnings on!

How much OJOplus cash can you earn for yourself at PlayOJO?

Each of the entertaining games at PlayOJO has a unique OJOplus category which will decide on how much you will earn for yourself. There are three different categories and you will be able to tell them apart by the different OJOplus icons. The more OJOplus icons that each game has, the more money that PlayOJO will put into your account, simply by playing the game. PlayOJO games which have 3 OJOplus icons will pay back 0.60% of your stake, games which have 2 OJOplus icons will pay back 0.40%of your stake and games which have only 1 OJOplus icon will pay back 0.06% of your stake.

How to collect all your OJOplus cash at PlayOJO?

You’ve been earning cash at PlayOJO for a while, so now it’s time to collect all your winnings. Collecting your earnings is simple. All you have to do is go over to the PlayOJO website and click on the page turner beneath OJO’s face to receive all your free money. Once you hit the big collect button, you can add the OJOplus funds to your real money balance. There is no restrictions or regulation on collecting your OJOplus money, you can collect any amount at any single time. PlayOJO simply like rewarding their players and view this as a great way to show that they appreciate their customers’ loyalty.

New to PlayOJO? There is an excellent welcome bonus waiting!

If you have never been to PlayOJO, you are in for a great time. There is currently an amazing welcome bonus waiting for you after you make your first deposit. For every £$€1 that you deposit, you will receive 1 free spin.

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