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Claiming your winnings with LeoVegas

2018-03-31 16:00:00

But how do you go about doing this? Here is a quick guide on how to quickly and easily withdraw your winnings.

The ‘How To’

When you have set up and verified your account you will have to provide LeoVegas with your banking information, this will allow you to make deposits and withdrawals to and from the site from and into your bank account. You will have to give them your name and your International Bank Account Number or IBAN for short. Once you have made your deposits you should be all set to make withdrawals to your bank account as they will have all the information necessary to make the payment.

When you go to your account page you will see your account balance and you will be given the option to withdraw money from it. If you are withdrawing to your bank and you are based in the UK and finding it hard to locate the UK option in the ‘Select Country’ menu make sure that you check ‘Other European Countries’ to find it. Your account balance must be over £20 however as the site cannot allow for transactions that are less than that amount due to processing fees etc.

No Fees

Fortunately, these fees will not be passed on to you as there are three free withdrawals from LeoVegas every Rolling 30 day period. So if you make your three withdrawals you should wait a further 30 days to take out more from your account or else you will be charged a total of £3 for each further transaction. This is simply to cover the nasty fees that transferring money usually has but they can be avoided by you if you stick to no more than three transactions every 30 days. Alternatively, if you have signed up to be a VIP and you have reached level 30 or higher then your withdrawals will be absolutely free of charge!

You can also make withdrawals to your credit card if you wish although there have been problems in the past with making payments to MasterCard, these problems are something that the site is aware of however and so they are fully equipped to deal with them should they arise and you will get a full refund for what was lost.

If you have changed your mind and don’t want to withdraw your money anymore you can simply go to the ‘Withdraw’ tab and click ‘Cancel Withdrawal’ to get your money put right back into your account immediately so you can use it to play more games and place more bets.

How long does it take?

The whole withdrawal process will usually take no more than five working days at the very most depending on your chosen withdrawal method and other outside factors.

With all this in mind, you can now head over to LeoVegas and withdraw the cash that you have been earning on the site at your convenience. Get your cash in a flash with the LeoVegas withdrawal system!

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