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2017-07-14 09:23:33

Player Bets is a novel and unique way to bet. You can pick a player and bet on how many shots on goal, passes, or any other stat you believe your selection will achieve in his next game. Player Bets gives you the chance to prove you really know your football and means you don’t have to cheer on one team but simply one player.

How To Play

1. Pick Your Player(s).
2. Select Your Stat.
3. Build Your Bet.

Multiple Selections

What’s more, Coral users can really prove their knowledge by picking multiple players; you can combine them in a double or upwards, set them against each other in a head to head or simply back them all to score in a multiple bet will change the face of betting. For each bet, Coral’s unique system will generate odds based on the choices and targets that you set.

Hitting The Target

Single bets are paid as winners if your player hits their target. For example, if you have a player to have 2 or more goals, your bet is paid as a full winner if that player scores 2 goals.

Where Do Coral Find Their Statistics?

All of Coral’s Football statistics come from Opta. All of Coral’s US sports statistics come from STATS Inc. All of Coral’s Australian sports statistics come from Champion Data.

Head To Head Tie

Head to Head bets are non-winners in the event of a tie because the bet condition is for player A to have more than player B. Your selected player must exceed the other player in order for the bet to win. There is no return for a tie. For example, if both players have 75 touches, your bet will have no return.

Non-Starting Player

In the event that one or more of the players in any single, combined or head to head bet does not start, the bet will be voided.

Subbed Player – No Refunds

Coral users will not be refunded in the event of a player being subbed as your player has had the opportunity to work towards and potentially complete the statistic.

Player Bets Rules

Via Coral’s website: “During every game, we receive live scoring from one of our stats providers. After each game has ended, we receive the final box score and settle all the contests. On rare occasions, the final box scores are revised after they have been released. When that happens, the player scores will not be updated and the settlements will not be revised. Note that this is not the same situation as a case where a correction needs to be made after settlement due to a problem with the data feed or the settlement process. In these cases, the settlement process (including payment) may be reversed and games resettled correctly.”

Terms and Conditions

1. All offers are subject to eligibility.
2. Any Player Bets cannot be used on Cash Out My Bet.
3. This product cannot be used in conjunction, or contribute to any other Coral free bet offer or promotion.

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