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Challenge yourself with these Poker Challenges At Unibet

2017-10-13 11:00:00

Poker is great isn’t it? There’s definitely a reason why it is the go to game for groups of card game enthusiasts and slick high rollers in casinos across the world. And so you would think that there is very little need, very little purpose to make the game more exciting and more fun to play but here we are.

Unibet have not just succeeded in making their poker game more engaging and more fun but they have done so with flying colours. The best thing about this move is that it does not tamper with the base game itself in any way but uses the tools at its disposal in order to improve the overall amount of fun and enjoyment that you will get out of your time playing in the Unibet Poker Rooms.

They have done this in a very clever way, in order to add an extra element to the poker game (which you can ignore completely if you want) they have integrated a great system of challenges that you can complete in order to win challenge points for your Unibet account!

These challenges are wide-ranging and are fun to achieve as you play. The more you play the more you will have the chance to satisfy the criteria of these awesome challenges and win more in challenge points which of course means that you will be able to win more prizes too!

This promotion is open and available to everyone who has a Unibet account and I would recommend that everyone give them a go as they are a great way to add a little extra onto your poker experience.

How It Works

Every time you load up a poker room and get playing you will have a menu on the side of your screen which will show you some of the important information relevant to the game, one piece of this relevant info is the challenges and what you have to do in order to complete them.

You will be shown two challenges, the Minor Challenge and the Major Challenge. The Minor Challenge is, as the name suggests a good bit easier to complete than its counterpart. It also obviously yields a lower number of points for you as you will have had to do less in order to complete it. An example of these challenges would be: ‘Be dealt a suited hand’.

The Major Challenges require a slightly more deft hand and a little bit more strategy, they are tougher to complete and so have a much bigger award attached to them. Eg. ‘Win a hand post-flop when you have any hand worse than one pair.’

Each Challenge is split into steps, and that’s how many times you have to complete the task to receive your Challenges Points. A Challenge showing 5/30 means you’ve completed the task 5 times, and you’ve got 25 more to go before your points are awarded.

You might be asking what you can get for these challenge points, well rewards include free cash, new avatars, playthrough bonuses, poker tickets and bonus points. You can then exchange any bonus points you earn for extra rewards of your choice!

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