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Casumo's casino and slots

2017-05-12 12:45:45

When Casumo first launched in 2012, Casumo surprised players and both iGaming professionals alike with its ground-breaking claim to being the world's first online 'Adventure Casino', which features mission-based rewards programmes that are loaded with bonuses and prizes for its customers. Plenty of other adventure casinos have popped up in recent years in an attempt to copy Casumo, but I reckon the founder of the original idea remains top of the ladder. Casumo is loved by its thousands of players for its beautiful design, fun themes and endless amounts of bonuses. The more you play, the bigger your rewards and expect some truly eye-popping prizes along the way. It's all part of the experience over at Casumo. With Casumo, you’re never exactly certain as to what remains around the corner.

Casumo Casino

Casumo lead players removed from the dribs and drabs of their traditional daily routines and into a casino universe stuffed with badges, trophies and challenges! this is a casino that has gone all out on creating the visual experience just as good as the gaming. There aren’t many casinos that are able to produce an online casino experience quite like Casumo. a variety of fun almost moo-min type characters inhabit this casino world and can quickly whisk all casino players off into a universe packed with exciting things to do, try and win!