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Casumo take on Facebook!

2017-10-03 14:22:52

Everybody these days knows just how important it is for most businesses to have some sort of presence on social media. The movement in internet culture towards instant and constant communication has made it a necessity for many firms to provide information and a means of contact for their customers through social media platforms such as Facebook.

As well as provide a channel of communication social media has provided an insanely cheap and effective way for companies to boost their profile and advertise directly to their core demographic. This is exactly why Casumo have put a lot of effort and time into creating and curating their very own Facebook page that you can go and visit or maybe drop them a 'like' so that you can stay up to date with all of the goings on and the posts that they decide to share to you, the player.

Here is some more info on the wonderful Casumo universe on Facebook and how they are using the biggest social media platform in the world to not only advertise their site but also create a great space for their customers and fans alike to gather and experience a whole different side to the Casumo experience.

The Casumo Facebook Page

If you have ever been to the Casumo Casino website then there is no way you haven’t noticed that the sheer amount of effort that they put into the aesthetics of the site and how it feels is really second to none. Take their blog, for example, every single post they put up there will always have a dedicated drawing attached to it, not some quick and cheap thing they knocked up in photoshop but an actual drawing that took a lot of time and skill to make.

They do this for one main reason, if people see that they are putting in the necessary amount of effort to create something that is as high quality as that is then they can rest assured that the other endeavours of the site, including the games and rewards will also have to be up to some very high level of excellence. It is a way of showing through doing and it works very well on both their website and their Facebook page.

Just as on their website the Facebook page will also have a large amount of drawings and pictures of Casumo’s main mascot. In addition to these, it is not uncommon to see some animated gifs of this cute little bugger jumping about or dancing or doing some other such whimsical activity. Here again is a great sign of the effort and attention to detail.

The type of content that you can expect to find on the Casumo Facebook page is also of a very high quality. They use every post as a way to their nearly 14k followers and promote the site. One way they do this very well is through their announcement of promotions and competitions, the eye-catching animations will likely slow your scroll enough to read what they have in store for you at the site so you’re a lot more likely to check it out.

They will also announce big wins by their players and post some slightly less relevant content that has the sole purpose of brightening up your day and going that little bit closer to the main Casumo goal, eradicating boredom.

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