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Casumo Casino's Personal Touch

2017-06-28 09:15:13

But, now, the times, they are a-changin'

Online casinos have come to realise that if everyone offers the same things, players won't have a reason to stick with just one. This is even more true for small-time players, who are a majority at most casinos, as their financial rewards won't be that significant either way. So, gaming sites figured they needed to offer a different type of connection if they wanted their players to keep coming back instead of wandering off to a different casino.

Getting Players More Involved

If you take a look at online casinos, most of them just offer a bunch of games you can play to try and win some money. If bonuses aren't considered, there is hardly a difference as to where you decide to play, once you know it's a fair and honest casino that won't run away with your money.

However, once a proper storyline is introduced for players to keep up with, things become slightly different. There is still no much difference as to where you'll play, but if it's all the same, you'd rather try and level-up your character or reveal the next chapter in an interesting story, picking up some rewards and achievements along the way.

Players at Casumo Casino are treated in a very personal way, with little messages constantly popping up as you play, encouraging you, congratulating you, and letting you know about your rewards and trophies. As a Casumo member, you embark on an exciting space journey that takes you to different planets, and all of this happens through your very own little Casumo, which is a sweet little alien creature that you need to take care of and help it grow.

Does it Really Work?

At first glance, you might think that nobody cares about these things, as people come to online casinos to gamble, but this isn't quite true. Building an emotional connection between casinos and their players is quite important, and it does help gaming sites retain their players. More so, achievements are a big part of video gaming nowadays, with many players dedicated to "unlocking" them. Even if you don't think consciously think about it, the bond is created on a subconscious level. Most casual players are more likely to go back to a casino where there is something more waiting for them, just like their own character that requires attention or the next chapter of an adventure that needs to be unlocked.

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