Casino Trivia at Virgin Games

2017-08-14 06:49:18

Virgin Games is among the most popular online casinos in the United Kingdom. This is largely due to the fantastic games selection and superb promotions. At Virgin Games, players are rewarded simply for signing up, playing at the casino and even for referring a friend. However, the promotions listed on the Virgin Games' site aren't all that are available at this online casino.

Let's get connected and competitive

Virgin Games' social media channel on Twitter is more than just informative and entertaining. At the moment, Virgin Games is running its casino trivia game. "In what year did the first casino open in Atlantic City?" in 1978 or 1958 is this week's question. To enter the competition, followers simply have to either retweet (for 1978) or love (for 1958) the tweet.

Let's win serious prizes

Aside from this fun competition at Virgin Games' Twitter, the gambling company also offers some specials with serious prizes to be won. Virgin Games plays a weekly competition. This week, players have to guess whether or not the next card will be higher or lower. Players can win up to 500 V-Points.

In order to enter the competition, players will have to be registered at Virgin Games. Next, they have to comment underneath the post, revealing if they think the card will be higher or lower and state their username. If more than one social media follower gets it right, the winner will be selected from a pool of eligible entrants at random.

To enter the competition, players can also follow the very same steps on facebook. The winner will then be announced via the social media channels for everyone to see and celebrate their win.

More trivia fun at Virgin Games

While other online casino's use of social media is either non-existent or not fun at all, Virgin Games shows how innovative its marketing approach is. Which slot game starts with a C, ends with an S and has four letters? Would you know the answer to this question? What hidden phrase can be found in s,u,a,o,h,c,t? If you know the answer, you can cash out. Are slot machines called blokies in Australia or is it maybe pokies?

Aside from a hell lot of fun, the trivia promotions Virgin Games offers via its social media channels usually provide much better chances of winning than other promotions that run via their website. While Virgin Games has hundreds of thousand users, its social media following on Twitter stands at just over 8000. This relatively modest number of followers provides you with a much greater chance to win the prize than when entering any of the super popular website promotions.

Sharing is caring

Want to let your friends know about these and other Virgin Games' promotions? There is no better way but via social media. You'll always be among the first to hear about a promotion as you won't have to check your emails for a newsletter or the website. A simple click and retweet will spread the word among your friends and followers - best of all, that simple retweet often gives you a chance on winning the prize.