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Casino Room - A new approach to online gaming

2017-07-12 12:29:15

Casino Room have been purveyors of high-quality online gaming since 1999 when a collective with backgrounds in poker, sports, entertainment and other more diverse portals set up Ellmount Gaming Limited and launched Casino Room, one of the world’s best online gaming websites. To set themselves apart from the competition they have always done things a little differently to deliver a truly unique customer experience.

The Journey

Casino Room has taken a new approach to rewarding players through their Experience Points (XPS) system. At Casino Room, you take on the role of an interstellar traveller, journeying through space from planet to planet. While in orbit you receive missions from mission control at Casino Rooms. A mission might take the form of spinning 10 rounds on a particular slot game or winning 5 rounds of a particular table game. Each mission that you complete will take you a step closer to the next planet. For every new planet that you reach you will get a fantastic reward. The rewards can vary from free spins, freeload and reload offers to direct cash and much much more.

You’ll also Collect Experience Points for everything that you do on Casino Room. Every time that you log in, deposit, open a new game and play you will earn some XPS. However, completing missions will earn you the most Experience Points. Start your intergalactic journey at Casino Room today!