Cashino - The community-minded casino

2017-04-04 10:43:24

The British high street is suffering. Shops are closing and locals are forced to drive out of town and shop at huge shopping complexes. Bookmakers and gambling shops are the exception to the rule. Cashino, the British gambling shop under German ownership, operates over 170 so-called 'adult gaming centres', many of which are located on British high streets. It is at Cashino that locals meet, play and share the joys of winning with each other. But that's not all: by doing so, visitors to Cashino contribute to a worthy cause.


Cashino is part of the Praesepe group that runs the Beacon chain of bingo clubs in Britain. 'Together we really know how to entertain our customers,' explains Cashino's editor. These humble words do not reflect the impact Cashino is having on people's lives.

In 2005, Cashino and its sister organisation, Beacon Bingo, began working with a charity called Chips. Chips is the official charity of the gaming and casino industry in Britain and organise fundraising events, raffles and local collections.

A Great Cause

Since Cashino teamed up with the charity, the gambling operator has been able to collect over £400,000. To date, Cashino and Beacon Bingo have been able to provide 65 powered wheelchairs to people in need with this money.

'Chips is an extremely worthy cause and that’s why we continue to support the charity – the wheelchairs make such a difference to the lives of these young people, helping them become more mobile and do a lot of things they wouldn’t otherwise be able to do,' commented Phil Gibbs, marketing manager at Cashino.

Earlier this year, in February, Daniel Tewilde-Hagos from Manchester, was awarded a special powered wheelchair. The eight-year-old boy, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, had been told by the NHS that he and his family would have to be rehoused before he could be given a wheelchair. After two years of waiting, little changed, the family wasn't rehoused - change came when Cashino and Chips teamed up to provide Daniel with the generous donation of the wheelchair.

Hitting the Airwaves

To promote their fundraising efforts, and to entertain its community of players, Cashino runs its very own radio station Jackpot FM. As soon as players enter one of over 170 Cashino venues, great tunes lift their spirits. Cashino's radio station Jackpot FM includes the fabulous Sian Show with its pub quiz questions, Live with Lia where customers will hear the latest about Cashino's charity efforts and Cashingo where players can win some serious cash.

For players that don't happen to be around for Jackpot FM, Cashino publishes its latest news, fundraising efforts and Jackpot FM schedule via its Twitter feed. Aside from 140 characters on what is happening at Cashino venues throughout Britain, followers also get a glimpse of what working at Cashino looks like. Jackpot FM tweets live images from the studio and lets player interact with chat show hosts. Quite frequently, the Cashino and Jackpot FM crowd is running exclusive Twitter competitions. Most recently, followers were asked to tweet a picture of them as a baby. The cutest one won. How very unfair!

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