Cashino - always on hand to help

2017-04-20 14:57:29

The online casino has a number of useful links on their website.


Customers can contact a member of the Cashino team by sending an email to customer service via the address ’’. Response times are generally very quick.

Similarly, under the ‘Help’ section on their website, Cashino have a ‘Get in Touch’ tab. Enquirers are invited to type in their full name, email address and nature of the enquiry. From a drop down menu, enquirers can choose from ‘deposit’, ‘withdraw’, ‘games’, ‘register’ or other. This allows Cashino to get their appropriate member of staff on the issue as quickly as possible. Enquirers can type their question below this menu and send the corresponding email by clicking the ‘send’ button.

Cashino’s customer service team works during the office hours of Monday to Friday, from 1pm to 10pm. Enquiries outside of this time frame must expect a delay in response times.


A long list of Frequently Asked Questions is available under the ‘Help’ menu on the Cashino website. The majority of queries can be answered by going through these for your relevant question. Account security is of paramount importance to customers and Cashino will put your mind at ease.

The FAQ section covers a wide variety of topics including opening an account, registration, withdrawal of account funds and identification required to do so. Responsible gambling is well advertised by Cashino, and a link to their Responsible Gambling Policy is available on the website, with an accompanying link on the FAQs. Cashino work closely with GambleAware and GamCare to help those who are having worries about their level of gambling. Cashino’s C-card loyalty scheme is also described in the FAQs, which should be of use to regular customers. Further enquiries can be made through a variety of means.

Live Chat

Cashino has a live chat section, also found on their website under the ‘Help’ menu. Enquirers must enter their name and email address before clicking the ‘Start Chat’ button. They will then be forwarded to a member of the live chat team on hand to listen to any queries.


Customers can call 08000852250 if they wish to get through to a member of the Cashino team.


The Cashino team is also present on Twitter, and tweets are frequent if not daily.


Cashino has a Facebook page, complete with the verified blue tick. Posts are frequent and responses to comments are common.

Venue Finder

By allowing Cashino to know your location, your nearest outlet can be found via the useful Venue Finder with the aid of satellite technology. With over 150 stores spread throughout the UK mainland, a casino is sure to be close by.


Cashino’s helpfulness is highlighted by regular community initiatives, giving back to the location they operate in. In February, thanks to a fundraising effort involving Rochdale’s Cashino outlet, a local eight-year-old boy, suffering from muscular dystrophy, was presented with a special powered wheelchair.

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