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Cashino - A highly entertaining online casino!

2017-08-06 14:00:00

Cashino is one of those gambling companies who has acquired a certain amount of respect amongst both the gaming community and the general community at large through their stellar service, great games and pro-active role in charity events. What do you know about the company itself though? If the answer is ‘not much’ then read on because here is a quick profile of one of the most well-established casino brands around.

Real-life Venues

As well as the superb online gaming segment of the larger Cashino operation there are also over 148 high street locations across the UK. If you want to find them their website has an incredibly handy Cashino finder tool that lets you look manually on a map or enter your location (postcode or town/city) to see which of their many branches is the closest to you.

Each of these venues offers a great experience in which you can play countless slot machines and games in a friendly and exciting environment. Each location also has a dedicated radio station, Jackpot FM, playing only the best music to keep you entertained while you play the games that they have to offer.
Jackpot FM also allows for customers in the casino to enter competitions and get shout-outs for birthdays live on air as they play. All they have to do is text or email the word RADIO followed by their message to get read out by the hosts.

The venues all have a certain amount of charm and luxury that make them absolutely fantastic places to spend a couple of hours or even all night as some of their locations are open for a full 24 hours a day 7 days a week so you have very little excuse not to drop in!

Corporate Structure

The Cashino company is a subsidiary of the Praesepe group which is itself a subsidiary of German company Gauselmann.

The Praesepe group is a British company set up in 2007 which also manages the famous Beacon chain of Bingo clubs across Britain. Since the purchase by Praesepe, Cashino has become more and more dedicated to the customer’s needs by being able to use the huge amount of expertise and resources of their parent company in the areas of expansion and location management.

Online Presence

The Cashino brand has really made a name for itself in its venture as an online casino. The lessons learned and experience gained in the extremely successful running of multiple branches of casinos would have been invaluable in the development and maintenance of their online site. The customer driven nature of real-life casino management has clearly made an impact on the company’s attitude when it comes to their website.

The same principles work online as in person, offer a large selection of fantastic and fun games at price levels that can be adjusted by the player, provide a good atmosphere that will make it comfortable and accessible for players and have great rewards and chances to win big. With this knowledge under their belt, it is no wonder that Cashino has one of the most premium and respected names in the business.

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