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Buster Safe with mFortune!

2017-06-13 10:26:25

Online casino mFortune is renowned for an excellent selection of diverse and well-themed slot games, and fans will not be disappointed with this offering.

Introduction to Buster Safe

“Can you get away with the crime of the century and walk away from the loot, while avoiding the clutches of Officer Longarm?” ask mFortune. Users are invited to take part in a crime-busting adventure with Buster. Buster Safe is a mobile slot exclusive from mFortune Casino, where users can enjoy the game on a multitude of mobile devices.

Say Goodnight to the Bad Guy

Buster Safe contains a trident of mini-games, 15 win lines and a mega progressive Jackpot. Bored with following the good guy? We all like to take on the role of a villain from time to time and Buster Safe sees you join forces with the baddie in a bid to bag a huge prize and make a smooth getaway from the long arm of the law.

Buster Safe Theme

Whoever said that crime doesn’t pay has clearly never played mFortune’s Buster Safe. In this mFortune mobile slots game, you can join forces with Buster, Weasel and Butch to help pull off the crime of the century, whilst playing your way to an mFortune jackpot. However, you must be aware of traps in your path set by Officer Longarm and Gertrude Grass.


Buster Safe comes with a trio of mFortune mini-games and 3 chances to maximise your multipliers in order to make off with the mega jackpot. Those who live by the sword die by the sword however and one bad move could see you behind bars without a penny to your name.

The Getaway

In The Getaway, Buster must stealthily make his way out of the City Bank and into Weasel’s getaway van all the while avoiding the suspicions of the local residents. Users can press the “sneak” button and move one step every spin, collecting a prize for every safe step you make. However, if the reel symbol matches your position, you’re ‘Busted’!

Print Hacker

The next mFortune mini-game is Print Hacker. Officer Longarm has summoned Buster in for questioning after a set of prints were found at the crime scene. Do these prints belong to Buster or someone else? Users must choose and scan a print; if there’s no match you win a prize. Find a match though, and you’re ‘Busted’.

Safe Cracker

The third and final mini-game is Safe Cracker. After avoiding the local residents and the suspicions of Officer Longarm, you’ve finally made it into the vault. The only question that remains is how much can you take of mFortune? Spin the dial to choose a safe and reveal the valuables. Get a matching pair and you will win a prize.


Buster Safe is a 5 reel, 15 win-line mobile slots mFortune game with a massive progressive Jackpot up for grabs to someone who can help Buster and his gang of crooks sneak off with the loot. Users can play from just 10p a line and can play on anything from 1 line to all 15. A 10p bet on 5 lines would cost you £0.50, for example. You can also use the ‘Auto Spin’ feature, or play in ‘Demo’ mode for free.

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